Sunday, February 27, 2011

Too Many Questions...

Gashes line my knee because I know I'm not supposed to be here. I wonder why I was put here? Why am I here? Do I actually have a purpose here? Do I want to stay here? Is my life worth it? Or should I just go? Am I willing to sacrifice what will be brought on me tomorrow? Will there be a tomorrow? How long will tomorrow last, is this a dream? What will I wake up to? Has everything here been all in my head? Do I have another family? Are they waiting for me to wake up? How long will it be until i wake? Am I making all of this happen? What is a dream inside of a dream called? Am I going to have 1 more year like everyone says? Is 1 year in my dream, two hours when I wake up? Or is it a year too? How long will I be asleep? Is everyone dreaming? Is everyone living somewhere other than here? Am I making this entire thing up? Is everyone actually a girl? Does everyone have the same dream but different people? Is that why everything seems to go really fast?

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