Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Hollow Shout

Chapter 1

The breeze swept my hair from behind my ears to the front of my face. I looked around and saw the breathing of 2 other friends of mine. Their names were Heather and Gracelyn, I had known them since 3rd grade. We all had Mrs. Man. We all met at recess on the wall. We all did not “pay attention” in class, so we all “promised” never to do whatever we did again. We looked around at the same time and saw each other's faces and smiled a huge smile. It was the 3rd day of 3rd Grade, and I had already made two Good Friends.
We were all looking around in the cold foggy looking air because we had been waiting for my mom to pick us up from soccer practice. My Mom, of all people, happens to be a very late person. She tends to “not look at the clock”. Gracelyn remarks, “Why does your ma take so long? She knows to pick us up Right?” I looked at her and smiled. “I know she knows to come pick us up, here, just to make you feel better, I will call her.” I reached for my left back pocket. I pulled it out and dialed her number. I looked at Gracelyn and smirked. She smirked back as I heard it ring. One Ring, Two Ring, Three Ring, “Hello?” I heard my mom's voice. “Hey mom, You do know to come pick Gracelyn, Heather and I up, RIGHT?” I looked down and waited for an answer. She yelled, “I was supposed to pick you guys up!! Oh my Goodness! I will be right there, I am SO sorry!” Then there was only a long beep. I looked up and smiled, “She is on her way.”
My mom literally got to the soccer fields in like 5 min. We all passed the ball back and forth to each other while we waited. We quickly got in the car and buckled up.

Why Have I Created This Blog?

This Blog That I Have Created Is For The Stories I Have Cluttered All Over My Journals and the kitchen. I will write a new story everyday, Maybe, if I don't, then I am sorry, but trust me I will try. Thank You for looking at this. My First story will be on my next post Thank You, :) Rae