Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alone and Away

My Dream is to one day be the first past the Milky-Way. I've always wondered if there is a world other than ours if someone else is waiting to see us come through the mixture of colors, and they know who it will be but just don't know when. The thing about this dream is that I'm going to have to know about science to do this and math, both of which I'm not fond of. So I need to work on that. Other than that I know I can do somewhat of that dream. Sometimes I wonder what people would say if I said that I was past the milky-way?... I don't think I would want to then. I would look like a dork or something. And I am not, I just have big dreams... Sometimes I do wish I could block everyone out and leave the planet. That would be nice. Once a month vacation, just alone, dark and no one around. Perfect. To other people that would make me sound crazy, but I think that I will be able to get past there and live happily ever after, plus it is interesting to just stop and think about.

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