Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who is your best friend that you don't know of? Who is someone you have seen everyday? They are not considered a person by some, but i do, everything is a who, weather it is an animal, or a feeling. it is just respectful don't you think? i think. I think a lot. sometimes a bit too much. But that is just who i am as a person, and thinking is an essential in life i think. i don't supposed you have something you would like to add or comment on? go right ahead. an opinion deifies a person. like characteristics. whether you have brown hair or red, or blue eyes or green, you are you. some people complain, i don't. i am me. i chose me. i love me. not to be coincided... but i think i am a wonderful person, and if you don't like me as an individual, you are missing out. though to an extent i call that self-confidence. like self-esteem. though i don't use those words because i don't worry about that. there is no way to measure it, no way to tell someone that they have low or high self-esteem. there is this thing called lying. people do it all the time. quite annoying if you ask me, cant trust anyone in this world. no one. like you are the only person on earth and that is all. no one else matters. if you imagine yourself alone, with no one beside you, its not the best thing in the world. though if you think about that statement. you would be that best thing in the world, you are it. nothing else to compare to.

(by the way, your best friend is your life. you don't know him/her, you see them everyday, & no one really considers them a person... i do. he's my friend. my best friend.)

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